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Akrux ® (Senatore Cappelli) wholemeal spaghetti 500g - Organic - Sotto le Stelle

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Akrux ® (Senatore Cappelli) wholemeal spaghetti 500g - Organic

The variety Senatore Cappelli, selected by Nazarene Strampelli in 1915, has long been grown in the South, and in the Islands, but later fall into oblivion for the low productivity and ease of entrapment while growing up.
However this cultivar has excellent features: contains a fairly high percentage of protein and is resistant to climatic, specifically to fungal attacks.

Trivia: foodstuffs obtained from wheat typically have a lower glycemic index than wheat flour, in fact, most grain size of flour will require a longer time to their degradation by digestive enzymes (amylase).

Cooking time: 8 minutes.

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina senatore cappelli.

Certification body: ICEA
Extreme certification: En Ica pf0104 t060456

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