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Biancolilla wholemeal durum wheat flour 5Kg - Organic - Molini del Ponte Srl

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Biancolilla wholemeal durum wheat flour 5Kg - Organic

The company
Molini del Ponte of Castelvetrano (Trapani) is an excellent artisan in the hands of the Drago family, stands out for the processing of precious varieties of wheat (hard but also tender) and especially ancient varieties selected by them. Molini del Ponte work most of his  flours with the mill stone grinder but also with a modern roller mill.

The product
This wholemeal flour is obtained by processing in purity and with old millstones of organic sicilian durum wheat Bidì .
Wheat Bidì is an old variety from years supplanted by other varieties more productive, the flour you get is characterized by unique taste and aroma.

How to use:
Great for making sweet and savory baked goods.
Since wheat flours usually have a fairly high tenacity (strength that must be used to stretch the dough), you can reduce this feature using a percentage more or less high (10-50%) of wheat flour.
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Curiosity. Did you know that the wheat flour has a lower glycemic index than wheat flour, in fact, most grain size of flour will require a longer time to their degradation by digestive enzymes (amylase).

Certifying body. IMC
Extreme certification. En Imc Sb51

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