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Buckwheat wholemeal flour 1Kg – Organic - Gluten free - Bongiovanni (Farine e bontà naturali)

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Buckwheat wholemeal flour 1Kg – Organic - Gluten free

Buckwheat flour obtained from processing GERMAN on natural millstones. Contrary to what you think, buckwheat does not belong to the family of cereals (Gramineae) but rather at Polygonaceae, unlike wheat, it contains a lot of Lysine and Tryptophan. It also contains vitamins B, E, P and Rutin (1 mg per 100 g), useful to prevent breakage of the capillaries.
The mineral salts present in substantial quantities are the Football, the Phosphorus, the Magnesium and Copper.

P.s. What's the difference between classical sarceno wheat flour and the white one ? Grinding of the first does not separate anything, in the preparation of the second eliminates the external cortical portion ( bran). However, although the bran is generally a noble part of the grain, buckwheat is little noble for its hardness.

N.b. the product is milled and packaged in a facility dedicated to the products gluten-free is then analysed in order to ensure that no contamination throughout the process.

How to use:
Can be used for sweet and savory baked goods in varying degrees by 10 to 30%, in combination with the wheat flour or the extent of 20% with cornmeal balls, polenta Taragnaproduction. Can also be used alone, for the preparation of bread, using a particular method.

Average nutritional values per 100 g of product:
Energy Value (Kcal): 343
Protein (g): 13.25
Carbohydrates (g): 71.5
FAT (g): 3.4
Fibre (g): N.a
Sodium (g): N.a

Certifying body. Bioagricert
Extreme certification. It Bac 017963

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