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Dehydrated spinach Powder 250g - Organic - Bongiovanni (Farine e bontà naturali)

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Dehydrated spinach Powder 250g - Organic

This elusive flour you get from the drying of fresh spinach (Italian!) and subsequent grinding.
It has a dark green colour, very fine and very soluble.

How to use:
It is used for preparation of savoury baked goods to impart flavor and particularly the color (it's a natural dye very intense). Great also for the preparation of creams, pasta (fresh and dry), tortellini and ravioli fillings.
You get a great coloring employing just 25/30 g of product per kg of flour.

Curiosity. You know that it takes well 13 kg of fresh spinach to get 1 kg of flour like this?

Average nutritional values per 100 g of product:
Energy Value (Kcal): 288
Protein (%): 27.65
Carbohydrates (%): 32.97
FAT (%): 3.25
Fibre (%): 13.78
Minerals (%): 22.14

Certification body: Bioagricert Srl

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