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Wholemeal Dicoccum spelt flour - Organic 1Kg Wholemeal - Bioland

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Wholemeal Dicoccum spelt flour - Organic 1Kg Wholemeal

Spelt is an ancestor of the current wheat and it offers in three main varieties: Triticum Dicoccum and spelt, Triticum Monococcum, plus another under less common varieties. While the Dicoccum spelt wheat, is very similar to the Salem and Monococcum resemble to wheat instead. Spelt, wheat, is much less than the productive and is gathered still covered with a cuticle, which must be removed to allow consumption.
Low productivity combined with the process of gall, determines a price 10 times higher than that of wheat.
From a nutritional point of view, spelt contains many vitamins (A, E, C and B group) and minerals (magnesium, iron, calcium) and zinc. Magnesium, present high extent, facilitates the use of insulin and improves muscle contractile activity, thereby avoiding the appearance of cramps (very useful for athletes).
The sifted spelt flour is obtained by working the Italian spelt on millstones natural, then follows a partial separation of bran.
The method of grinding rustic twist gives this flour a distinctive flavor, and a not overly deep refining.
The mill used for the processing of this flour, wheat is exclusively dedicated to alternative grains (rice, kamut, barley, corn ...), so as to prevent the accidental contamination of the latter, ideal for those who want a high level of purity.

Used for the preparation of sweet and savory baked goods.
Use preferably the Dicoccum for pasta and for products that do not require an excessive rise (cookies and tarts), and lor spelled for products which require leavening major (breads and cakes).
Joining of wheat flour to the extent of 50% it greatly enhances the workability and the propensity to the leavening.

Certification Body: Bioagricert
Extreme Certification: It Bac 017963 T000004

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