12 shot glasses / diamond-shaped cups from 200cc

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An extra touch to your party!

Single-serving containers in transparent PS perfect for your buffet catering events, cocktail parties and brunches. Ideal for preparing frozen desserts, ice creams, aspic, finger food.

Useful cups to serve all kinds of scope, from appetizer to dessert; ideal for mousses, creams, sauces, ice cream, fruit salads and quiches to serve products in General.

These small cups, plastic transparent diamond events and donate your buffet a nice glance, especially if filled with colored foods.

Perfect for colorful finger food!

Material. Plastic food

Quantity. 12

Shape. Pyramidal

Height. 6 cm

Width over. 8x8cm

Width under. 4x4cm

Skill set. 200cc


12 shot glasses/cups rumble from 200cc

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