Tumminia Durum wheat flour 1Kg

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With ancient grain!

The flour Tumminia is a prized antique hard wheat semolina of Sicilian origin, low gluten content and high protein value, rich in trace elements and nutrients. The durum wheat Tumminia you sow in late March (is the first to be thrown) and harvested in June; has a high content of lignin, a natural substance that boosts the immune system and helps prevent cardiovascular risk; It is also a food that helps prevent food intolerances of the digestive system, like celiac disease. The flour Tumminia represents one of the best of Sicily, where historically is one of the oldest flour produced with a characteristic aromatic scent. There are few companies to keep producing this noble flour: Wheat grown is cleaned with a mechanical system, passes through a machine that is intended to give the beans the right humidity and, after brushing to remove debris, is sent to the grindstone.



  • 100% Italian

  • Not refined.

  • Integral

  • Stone ground


Flour bakery, flour used Tumminia is a typical but also in the production of pastries, cookies, Breading and pizzas. It is the flagship product for the production of the black bread of Castelvetrano (Slow Food), characterized by a thick crispy crust and Crumb with many alveoli. It is especially recommended for those who are following a low-calorie diet and in those who suffer from food allergies.

Ingredients. Durum wheat

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