Bulgur 1Kg - Organic

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The bulgur is one of the oldest foods, widely used by the Babylonians, Hittites and by the armies of Genghis Khan; originated in Anatolia (Turkey), where it still represents a very usual.
The bulgur is usually made with wheat semolina (like this one), while in the Usa is more usual that produced with wheat (but is of inferior quality).
From a nutritional point of view is similar to the traditional durum wheat grains, so it is a good source of fiber, B vitamins, phosphorus and potassium. In particular contains a low level of phytic acid, has a high satiety index (feature more or less common in all grains) and is particularly rich in folate.

How to use:
Does not require a real cooking: you simply put it in a pan and pour boiling water over a double volume compared to the amount of bulgur. Can be consumed in the next 30 minutes.

Average nutritional values per 100 g of product:
Energy Value (Kcal): 342
Protein (g): 12.29
Carbohydrates (g): 75.87
FAT (g): 1.33

Certification body: Bioagricert Srl
Extreme certification: It bac 017963 T 000100

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