Natto Miso 250g

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It is a condiment made from fermented a mixture of barley, soya, ginger and seaweed.
Natto miso is a food rich in enzymes that help digestion of proteins. Enriches also the bacterial flora of Lactobacilli, which are useful to improve the assimilation of nutrients and strengthen defences against degenerative diseases of the intestine.

How to use:
You use to flavor salads, vegetables, cereals and canapes.

Estimated nutritional values for 100 g of product:
Energy Value (Kcal): 212
Protein (g):


Carbohydrates (g): 14.4
FAT (g): 11
Fibre (g): N.a
Sodium (g): N.a

Ingredients: barley malt (barley water), barley, water, soy, salt, ginger, shoyu (water, soybeans, wheat, salt), kombu seaweed.

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