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Wholemeal spelt penne - Organic 500g (Alce Nero) - Alce Nero & Mielizia

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Wholemeal spelt penne - Organic 500g (Alce Nero)

ITALIAN Specialties made from fine woodworking Dicoccum spelt wholemeal flour.
From a nutritional point of view, this cereal, contains many vitamins (mainly A, E, C and B group) and minerals (magnesium, iron, calcium) and zinc.

Cooking time: 8 minutes.

Average nutritional values per 100 g of product:
Energy Value (Kcal): 337
Protein (g): 11.8
Carbohydrates (g): 67.3
of which sugars (g): 3.35
FAT (g): 2.34
of which saturates (g): 0.53
Fibre (g): 6.14
Sodium (g): 0.002

Ingredients:  pulverize flour spelt Dicoccum, water.

Certification body: Ccpb
Extreme certification: En cpb 4966 t050012

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