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Raw kitchen-Candian - Tecniche Nuove - Casa editrice

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Raw kitchen-Candian

A recipe book, prepared by a chef and lover of research challenges. A book that wants to surprise with special effects, but help increase the share of raw foods that we bring to the table and improve the nutritional content of foods. Cooking in fact very often distorts the food and causes significant loss of vitamins and minerals. And this is especially true for fatty foods. An important space have so fat-free recipes cooked. You will find so many indications of condiments, sauces and other sauces that do not require cooking and are therefore easier to digest and healthier: main protagonist is obviously the extra virgin olive oil. In this second edition, the recipes have been revised and expanded: 2/3 are completely raw, the other with short cooking and baked without fat.

The Author:

Roberta Dan- Chef and instructor in culinary schools, worked for years with natural food. In this series he published both alone and as co-author several books including lately: steam Cooking (2008), FRY well "(2009). High blood pressure: treat it at the table. Lives and works in Milan and Trento.

Pages: 120
Size: 14.3 x 21
Isbn. 9788884812498
Publisher. New Techniques
Publication. 05/2010
Binding. Paperback

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