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Durum wheat wholemeal semolina 5Kg - Organic - Bongiovanni (Farine e bontà naturali)

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Durum wheat wholemeal semolina 5Kg - Organic

ITALIAN durum wheat, obtained by grinding wheat cultured stone in Emilia Romagna.
Durum wheat, compared to tender, has a higher protein content and a floury section formed by granules hard and sharp edges.
Hard wheat flours have a lower glycemic index than wheat flour, in fact, most grain size of flour will require a longer time to their degradation (split) by digestive enzymes (amylase).

How to use:
Great for making sweet and savory baked goods and pasta. Being a flour that produces a dough very tenacious (hard to lengthen), you can reduce this feature using a small percentage of wheat flour (or spelt).

Average nutritional values per 100 g of product:
Energy Value (Kcal): 339
Protein (%): 11.5
Carbohydrates (%): 76.9
Starches (%): 68.2
Soluble sugars (%): 1.9
FAT (%): 0.5
Fibre (%): 6.1

Physical And Chemical Properties:
Ashes (s.s.) 1.10 (± 0.10)
Cellulose (s.s.) 0.85% max.
Gluten (s.s.) 10 (± 0.25)
G. Index 70 (± 5)

Certification body:  Bioagricert S.r. l
Extreme certification: It Bac 017963 T000002

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