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Zymol (transglutaminase enzym) 500g

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Zymol (transglutaminase enzym) 500g

Natural thickener enzymes based


Zimolo is a mixture consisting primarily of a natural enzyme: transglutaminase. Zimolo is used to bind scraps of meat or fish, just dissolve it in water (15g x liter of water) and brush the surface of the preparation. After 12 hours the cut-outs will be a single piece of meat.


Only natural ingredients



  • It allows you to regenerate meat cut-outs.

  • It allows you to slice the cut-outs.

  • Natural

  • GMO free


Only 15g per liter of water and 1kg of meat. You simply have to dissolve it in water and brush the surface of the cut-outs, after only 12 hours in the fridge they will be firmly bound.

Ingredients. Transglutaminase, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate, dextrose.


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